Advanced Optical Character Recognition with Image Enhancement and Global Language Support NovoVerus™ OCR Software automatically cleans highly degraded scanned and faxed global language documents and converts them into actionable text.

  • The Challenge: Efficiently Converting Stacks of Mixed Quality and Global Language Documents into Accurate Text
    When converting stacks of documents containing a variety of global languages into computer text, the pages must be manually separated since common OCR solutions are unable to automatically detect and extract different languages. In addition, damaged pages, poor photocopies and low quality faxes often obscure critical content and require image enhancement before text extraction can occur. Special care must be taken with global language text to preserve important character features that are typically removed when general language enhancement technologies are applied.
  • The Solution: NovoVerus — The Fastest, Most Accurate Global Language OCR Solution Anywhere
  • Recognizes Challenging Global Languages: Arabic, Persian (Farsi, Dari), Pashto, Urdu, Chinese, Korean and Russian, among many others. NovoVerus support an exceptionally wide range of Roman, Asian, Cyrillic and Middle Eastern languages.
  • Delivers Unrivaled Accuracy: NovoVerus can OCR damaged or degraded originals that contain challenging global languages with extraordinary accuracy.
  • Augments Productivity: The intuitive user interface is extremely easy to learn and use and its powerful automatic language detection and image enhancement capabilities reduce the need for human intervention when processing documents.
  • Accelerates Workflow: Robust application programming interface and third-party plug-in architecture facilitates seamless integration with customer and third-party systems.

Innovative Engineering for Superior Accuracy and Speed

  • Leading-edge Image Enhancement: NovoImage+™, the novel image-enhancement application from NovoDynamics, is built right into NovoVerus. NovoImage+ features technology like Automatic Orientation Detection (AOD), which detects and deskews rotated pages, as well as robust tools that clean up and optimize real-world documents, automatically preparing them for superior OCR results. Yellowed or stained paper originals and poor copies can be dramatically improved through the ”magic” of NovoImage+.
  • Language Identification: NovoVerus eliminates manual presorting of pages by automatically detecting a page’s primary language.
  • Automatic Font Detection: NovoVerus recognizes all major font families and has been trained to handle all major fonts in all supported languages.
  • Support for Mixed Scripts: NovoVerus is able to automatically recognize embedded English and French text within Middle Eastern and Asian language documents to achieve comprehensive OCR results.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Little setup or training is necessary. Non-technical users can install and start using NovoVerus in minutes.

An Exceptionally Productive Work Environment

  • Convert Global Language Documents to Searchable PDF Files: Combine a document’s scanned image and its full-page OCR results to create searchable PDF files. Use keywords or phrases to search and retrieve PDF documents with Adobe® Reader® or send compressed PDF files to enterprise systems to save storage.
  • Spell Checker with Customizable Dictionary: Integrated spell checking speeds post-editing. Never correct the same word twice. Quickly check a document’s spelling and add special dictionary words as necessary.
  • Rapid System Integration: NovoVerus Professional provides .NET and C/C++ programming interfaces for straight-forward integration into text-oriented applications.
  • Seamless Workflow: Third-party machine translation applications are easily integrated with NovoVerus to speed and simplify the process of deriving high-quality translations.
  • Rigorously Field-Tested and Proven.
  • Widely deployed around the world in demanding government, military, intelligence, commercial and academic initiatives, NovoVerus is the highly-praised, industry-leading choice for enterprise-class OCR.