“MediaINFO is a complete Digital Library software solution for INTERACTIVE AND INTUITIVE viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content. MediaINFO is powering some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational institutions, magazines, and other organizations and companies. MediaINFO helps organizations UTILIZE AND RE-USE THEIR CONTENT more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences and markets.

MediaINFO transforms content into HIGHLY SEARCHABLE AND USABLE INFORMATION that is easy to share and annotate, while protecting the content with powerful DRM tools and access rules.

No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the FLEXIBILITY of the MediaINFO software means that it can adapt your organization’s needs. This is why it is sought after even by institutions it was not originally designed for. It is typically installed as an ON-PREMISE installation on Client’s infrastructure.

Our traditional customer base is LIBRARIES, ARCHIVES AND PUBLISHERS. As MediaINFO evolves, additional powerful tools we have developed are making it attractive to new industries and institutions. They now find it to be an indispensable tool in their production workflows or in sales.

MediaINFO is the perfect system for the Decor industry, because products can be SHOWCASED AND COMPARED at high resolutions, while preserving the details that are of vital importance in this business.

Clients with Technical Drawings and scanned business documents are finding integration of existing DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS with MediaINFO extremely beneficial and describe it as a giant leap forward for their day-to-day operations.

Scanning Bureaus find the capability to annotate and compare between scans taken under different light and other conditions, exceptionally useful. MediaINFO SIMPLIFIES AND ACCELERATES THE PROCESS to identify the perfect version or to mark imperfections to be amended during post processing.”