• Real-Time Mobile Engagement: With Kofax Mobile Capture™, patented image processing and on-device optical character recognition (OCR) technologies automatically capture, extract and validate content from paper documents. Eliminate the need to enter information manually and provide your customers with a fast, frictionless experience.
  • Better engage and support customers: Support multiple points of customer engagement and deliver more services via your customers’ preferred channel. Enable right-channeling capabilities with full analytics to optimize the customer experience.
  • Leverage a single platform: Solve issues at any stage of the process with single-platform control. Extend the capabilities to new customer engagement applications such as customer onboarding, bill pay and mortgage origination.
  • Promote customer self-service: Empower customers to interact with your businesses systems by adding powerful data extraction and interactive validation software into your mobile apps.


  • Empowers customers with real-time data and communication: Increase customer satisfaction with transactional communication. Support multiple points of real-time engagement and deliver more services via customers’ preferred channels.
  • Provides actionable insights into mobile capture performance: Gain insight into user, device and document performance. Implement usability improvements to optimize the customer experience and enable right-channeling capabilities.
  • Reduces time-to-market by extending to new use cases: Build and deploy mobile capture solutions from the same platform. Repurpose applications into intellectual property, reducing time to market, improving process performance and capturing better data.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Employ mobile ID capture, verification and facial recognition capabilities and 100% automated advanced forensic technology to ensure process integrity and a smooth user experience.
  • Real-Time Capture via Self Service: Promote self-service to simplify and accelerate transactions. Customers simply point, click and confirm and the data contained within documents is automatically entered.
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights: Identify performance spikes, drop-offs, bottlenecks, document costs and other metrics via real-time dashboards to quickly make improvements.
  • Patented, Advanced Image Perfection: Turn mobile phones into advanced information-capture devices, ensuring the best images.  Technology runs native on the device overcoming challenges for lighting, blur, background and document size.
  • Multichannel Engagement: Extend any app or process beyond mobile to additional customer engagement channels like portals, web, email, fax, print streams, scanners and MFDs.
  • Customer-Facing Mobile Experiences: Deliver user-focused mobile experiences via an app or industry-standard HTML5 that captures and understands content while orchestrating the end-to-end user experience and process.