• Convert Stacks of Paper Into Actionable, Digital Content: Improve business processes, reduce costs and reliance on paper, improve records management and compliance with Kofax Express™.  Anyone can quickly scan, index and export documents for fast retrieval.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface: Execute commands with a single click for faster adoption and greater productivity.
  • Scale to support additional functions: Multiple scan and image processing functions can run simultaneously to provide the highest throughput possible


  • Direct integrations: Index, classify and deliver documents and data into more than 100 different back-end systems for easy and fast retrieval. Express supports direct integration with Kofax Capture™ and provides an API for advanced exports.
  • High-quality image editing: Utilize SmoothView™ technology to manipulate document images. Integrated Kofax VirtualReScan® (VRS) technology ensures images will look better than their paper originals without pre-scan document preparation.
  • Easy adoption: Utilize the same familiar interface as Microsoft Office applications with commonly used commands. Access numerous Express features with a single click.
  • Fast document processing: Train Express to locate key index information in a document, automatically remember that location, then extract the data from future documents.


  • Point and Click Rescan: When a page is scanned with a folded corner, a forgotten sticky note still affixed, or a double-feed escapes detection, Express inserts the rescanned document without rescanning the entire batch.
  • Flexible Document Separation: Fill the auto document feeder and divide the batch into individual groups automatically based on patch codes, bar codes or inserted blank pages, eliminating the need to scan documents one at a time.
  • VRS Corrections: If Express encounters a poor quality document it can’t convert into a legible image, the VRS Corrections feature reserves the image for later inspection and correction without needing to rescan the document.
  • Enhanced Bar Code Capabilities: Read most commonly used 1D and 2D bar codes, even those obscured with stamps, handwriting or coffee cup stains. Scanning in color improves accuracy, allowing flawless decoding of bar codes at low resolutions.
  • Visual Undo History: Ensure you don’t lose track of modifications. This feature shows the sequence of processes that were done—or undone—on any document image.