Kofax Express Modules

1. AutoBites™

AutoBites automates the import, processing and export of document images
Combined with Kofax Express, AutoBites™ automates the import, processing and export of document images.
Images can be processed with VRS, bar codes recognized and documents delivered to a document management system, database or email inbox of choice.
Run Kofax Express with AutoBites on an unattended computer and scan from one or more MFPs to a watched folder to process the images completely automatically.”

2. MetaTool

Automatic indexing with OCR, rubber band OCR, keyword document separation, image redaction, clipping and more…
We refer to the CaptureBites MetaTool as our Swiss army knife. It turns Kofax Express into a powerful and intelligent data extraction and image editing software. You can use it to automate indexing with OCR and easy to configure rules.
You can separate documents based on keywords, reformat your index data, generate image clippings, cleanup & redact images, etc. The Validation client makes clever use of shortcuts, rubber band OCR, quick choice lists and database lookup to complete or correct data.”

3. Booklet Splitter

Scan booklets without cutting and split the resulting images in individual pages
Booklets or saddle stitched books can be easily produced with modern digital copiers. The copier automatically prints pages in the right sequence, folds the paper and staples the book in the middle delivering a nice booklet in the output tray. This booklet format is often used by attorneys or notaries to produce contracts, deeds, statements or notarial acts.
In some countries it is not even allowed to cut these booklets to get loose pages since cutting a legal document would make it invalid.
Also surveys, exams, admission forms etc. are often printed in booklet format.”

4. Commander

Integrated Scanning. Send commands to Kofax Express from your own software application.
CaptureBites™ Commander is a tool to send commands to Kofax Express.
With CaptureBites Commander you can develop your own scan front-end or integrate scanner and Kofax Express controls in your own software application.
For example, using the Commander Tool, you can develop your own Scan Wizard so anyone can scan without training.”

5. Digital Imprinter

Imprint index field values, logos, bitmaps, watermarks and bar codes on your scanned documents
The CaptureBites™ Digital Imprinter is the modern variant of the sequential imprinters and endorsers used in high end production scanners. But instead of using ink, the Digital Imprinter imprints information electronically on your scanned documents during export. Therefore, it works with all scanners or MFP images that you import into your capture software. With the Digital Imprinter you can imprint your scanned documents electronically with any index field value or fixed text in a font of choice. You can also overlay logos or embed transparent watermarks.”

6. Folded Forms Splitter

Scan folded forms and split the resulting long images in individual pages
Folded forms typically consist of 4, 6 or even more pages. When you unfold such form, you get a long document with a length equal to several letter sized or A4-sized pages. The sequence of the pages on the form is often awkward.

The CaptureBites™ Folded Forms Splitter splits the long images in individual pages, puts them in the right sequence and optionally deletes any blank segments. You can then send the split images in standard PDF or TIFF format to a system of choice such as a File Server, SharePoint, DocuShare, Alfresco, ViewBites™ etc.”

7. Macro

Run a series of programmatic steps before and after export. No coding, just configuring macro rules!
With the CaptureBites Macro connector for Kofax Express, you can execute a series of programmatic steps before and after export.
You can run a batch command file, or an external program performing post-processing of index files for example.
The sample jobs “CB Macro ZIP after Export” and “CB Macro Excel Index” included with the installer is a good start to learn how this works.”