What is ABBYY FineReader Server?

Designed for high-volume document conversion, ABBYY FineReader Server automatically converts large collections of documents into searchable and accessible digital repositories. This server-based OCR and PDF conversion offering converts scanned and electronic documents into PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word, or other formats for search, long-term retention, collaboration, or additional processing – quickly, accurately, and automatically.


Automated document conversion with minimum user intervention.

  • Streamline document handling: Create digital documents that can be easily stored, accessed, quickly distributed to specialized systems, or shared among teams.
  • Realize rapid ROI: FineReader Server is fast to deploy and easy to maintain, so you can start seeing bottom-line results faster.
  • Empower non-technical business users: FineReader Server requires no special training or previous knowledge to start conversion processes.
  • Schedule processing: Enable conversions as needed around the clock or schedule batch processing to optimize use of hardware resources.

How it works

ABBYY FineReader Server receives document images from storage folders, multifunction printers, scanners, or e-mails and uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically convert them into compressed, searchable digital formats.

If needed, the user and the system can add metadata to the document and the user can manually correct text information. The service can run around the clock or process documents in batches on a scheduled basis to optimize use of hardware resources. The resulting digitized files can be saved to any number of storage areas and/or delivered to other applications.