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With an experience of over two decades, we deliver excellence in all our digitization services such as scanning, facial recognition, speech recognition, etc. And, as a leading organization in the digitization world, our services are second to none.

We provide digitization services for specific digital-based or paper-based media types. Thereby, we offer our customers a simple, secure, and effective way to store, share and manage their data. Also, we help our customers optimize their storage space by storing their data in a digitized format.

Forefront Technologies offers customers:

Scanning forefront technologies


Our scanning services cover newspapers, books and wide format scans.
ocr forefront technologies

Optical Character Recognition

We convert image-based text to editable and searchable text format.
speech recognition forefront technologies

Speech Recognition

We utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to extract spoken words from audio and video files automatically.
facial recognition forefront technologies

Feature and Facial Recognition

We provide facial and features recognition for people and objects in digital media content.


  • Increased Efficiency: While it takes hours or several days to find a paper document, our digitization services allow you to search your file on a database in a few seconds. So, instead of wasting hours searching for documents, save time and resources with our digitization services.
  • Optimized Storage Space:Keeping paper documents requires a considerable amount of space. This is not needed with digitized documents.
  • Easy Collaboration Among Teams:If you want to share and edit your documents easily among your team, you should digitize your files using our digitization services.