scanning and data capture

At Forefront Technologies, we help our customers improve their work productivity by converting their documents and records into a paperless and secured format. This way, they can access their documents electronically and improve their workflow.
For example, with our Scanning and Data Capture Solutions, our customers can extract specific text from documents such as letters, invoices, forms, etc, and save it in a digital form. This helps them save the time wasted on typing and manual data entry.

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool provides a means to extract the content of scanned text documents and convert it to a machine-readable form for easy data processing. Also, our Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software, which is an advanced form of OCR, is a tool that can identify various styles and fonts of handwritten texts. As a result, it can extract or read handwritten texts from images.
Forefront Technologies has designed, consulted, implemented, and supported image-based data capture solutions for over two decades. With our experience, we have helped our customers to solve sophisticated data capture requirements from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document types using NLP, machine learning, and advanced recognition technologies.