SMA SCAN MASTER 3 Book Scanner

Part Number SM3-BC10


Best Imaging Industry Solution Provider

The A3 book scanner SCAN MASTER 3 is our low-cost book scanner for smaller books. It is a desk top A3 book scanner with a very high optical resolution. Due to its compact design the SCAN MASTER 3 is suitable for mobile usage.

Operating the SCAN MASTER 3 is nice and easy. Open the lid, place the book and close the lid which automatically triggers the scanning process. All the operator has to do now is to repeat this process – open the lid, flip the page and close the lid.

The illuminator of the SCAN MASTER 3 is located inside the scan head and is simply moved across the original. As a result the SCAN MASTER 3 can be operated independent from ambient light and do not irritate the operator‘s eyes. This applies to all SMA scanners and makes them unique.

The SCAN MASTER 3 comes with a convenient USB interface.

Scanning range 432 x 300 mm (17 x 11.8 inches)
Resolution 600 ppi
Color 48 bit color depth
Interface USB 2.0
Vshape Scanning Scanning of books in 120 degree position up to 150 mm thickness
Flat Scanning Scanning of books in 180 degree position up to 120 mm thickness

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