SMA SCAN MASTER 1 Book Scanner

Part Number 10-SM1MOxx


Best Imaging Industry Solution Provider

The SCAN MASTER 1 is a heavy duty A1 book scanner for very thick books that need to be digitized at a very high optical resolution. With a motorized standard book cradle of 35 cm range it can handle really big stuff. If this is not enough a motorized 50 cm book cradle is optional available. Operating the SMA SCAN MASTER 1 A1 book scanner is easy and convenient. Simply place the book and hit the scan button. The rest of the process is fully automatic. All the operator has to do is to flip the page and release the scan. All SMA scanners are equipped with a special LED light illuminator that does not produce any ultraviolet or infrared radiation. Harmless and uniform illumination is guaranteed. The illuminator of all SMA scanners is located inside the scan head and is simply moved across the original. As a result all SMA book scanners can be operated independent from ambient light and do not irritate the operator‘s eyes.

The SCAN MASTER 1 A1 book scanner comes with V3D Technology – a new scanning technology which allows users to scan many different types of originals. It offers the capability of digitizing structured surfaces such as wood, rubber, plastic, fabrics, carpet and many more types of material. Finally, light reflecting items such as coins, seals, metal prints and silver or Gold coated originals can be captured at the highest quality. The V3D technology presents new opportunities as it can be applied to materials outside the normal archive and library world. V3D stands for VISUAL 3D. It is a newly designed scanning technology that produces results that look like 3D. The process is based on different lighting scenarios where the same area is being captured with several different lighting scenarios on the fly. The software then combines the separate images into one image. As a result V3D images offer perfect reproductions of nearly any structured surface. In addition it increases the depth of field significantly. This approach is unique and raises the outstanding image quality of SMA scanners to another level. The V3D function can be disabled and regular 2D scanning can be performed.

Scanning range 914 x 635 mm (36 x 25 inches)
Resolution 1200 ppi
Color 48 bit color depth
Interface GBit Network IP device with its individual IP address
Vshape Scanning Scanning of books in 120 degree position up to 150 mm thickness
Flat Scanning Scanning of books in 180 degree position up to 120 mm thickness
BSA-SM1-xx SCAN SMA BOOK SPINE ASSIST Supports the book spine and is available in 35 cm motorized lifting column as well as 50 cm range

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