Ricoh ScanSnap SV600 Book Scanner

Part Number PA03641-B301

Ricoh ScanSnap SV600

Best Imaging Industry Solution Provider

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600-3

Easy scanning for various documents

The ScanSnap SV600 is capable of scanning a wide range of documents from books, thick documents, drawings/artwork, A3 size documents to business cards, making overhead scanning simple and providing you with limitless possibilities.

Scan important documents without any damage

You can scan a document larger than A4 size by simply positioning it on the A3 scan mat and pressing the scan button. Because there is no need to cut documents or feed each document through the rollers, your important and delicate documents such as valuable books, hand-painted pictures and photos can be scanned without getting damaged.


Digitize multiple documents at once

The Multi Document Detection function enables you to scan multiple business cards, photos, newspaper clippings or other documents in one scan, automatically cropping and rotating the scanned images.

*Up to 10 documents can be scanned at one time.


VI Technology with convenience and quality

Combining high quality CCD optics and advanced LED illumination, the scanner produces a steady image of the whole document, minimizing the unevenness or blurriness even when scanning from a distance.


Efficient digital archiving of original digital books

The ScanSnap SV600 is your ultimate partner to scan books or magazines efficiently, providing various useful functions specially designed for book scanning.

Various image corrections to obtain optimal images

You do not need to worry about any distortions that are caused by the curve of an opened book or magazine, with the Auto Book Correction that automatically flattens and corrects the curve distortion. When needing to hold a document to scan, fingers captured during the scanning can be removed by using the Point Retouch function.



For details and footage on how the Auto Book Correction works, visit Our Scanner Story.

Complete scanning smoothly with helpful functions

With the Page Turning Detection function, the scanner detects when a page is turned and automatically begins scanning. Another function, the Time Mode, allows you to set a fixed time interval so that the scanner can scan in real time with you. These functions eliminate the hassle of pressing the scan button every time you turn a page and start scanning.


Best experience with ScanSnap Home

ScanSnap Home combines all your favorite functions into one and is the ultimate platform to utilize scanned data in various ways. Easily manage, edit and utilize data from documents, business cards, receipts and photos with the software. You can scan large volumes of various types of documents from color photos to double-sided landscape documents with a host of intelligent automatic image processing functions.


Scanning Speed Simplex / Duplex: 40 ppm (Color / Grayscale: 200 dpi, Monochrome: 400 dpi)
Maximum Document Size 432 x 300 mm (17.0 x 11.8 in.)
Minimum Document Size 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1 x 1 in.)
Paper Weight (Thickness) 30 mm (1.18 in.) or less
Interface USB2.0 / USB1.1
Software ScanSnap Home (all-in-one document management software/driver) ScanSnap Manager (Conventional driver) Kofax Power PDF Standard (Windows) Kofax Power PDF Standard for Mac (Mac) ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™
CON-CLE-W24 Pack of 24 F1 Cleaning Wipes for Fujitsu scanners.
PA03641-0052 Black Background Desktop Pad: SV600
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