Microtek MII-900 NDT/RT Film to DICONDE

Part Number MII900XL-01

Microtek MII-900

Best Imaging Industry Solution Provider


The MII-900 Plus is a digitizing system of industrial films which is specially designed by Microtek for meeting basic requirements toward image quality used in NDT/RT. With stellar designs of a feeder, a compact size as a normal printer and whole sturdy and durable metal structure, the MII-900 Plus only weighs incredibly 9 kg. Adopting LED as its light source, the MII-900 Plus totally meets the trend of the energy saving and carbon reduction.

With 1200 dpi resolution, the MII-900 Plus can scan up to a size of 14-inch width and 200-inch length. Plus 16-bit image output and highlight LED light source, the MII-900 Plus can present image layers more clear and meet basic requirements of industrial inspections. Besides, with optional AFF and multi-channel trays, the MII-900 Plus is able to make inspections more effective and convenient.

MiiNDT is image management software specifically designed and developed for radiography examinations. Using together with the information, such as examination dates, project numbers and welding channel numbers, MiiNDT allows users to save inspecting images in DICONDE format, meeting with the requirement of ASTM, in a database to ensure the image authenticity.MiiNDT retains complete image processing functions, such as search, measurement, annotation, reports making, saving, burning and data sending. There is no doubt that MiiNDT is users’ first and only solution to step into a digital era.

Scanner Type Sheet-fed film digitizer
Image Sensor Type CCD
Resolution 1200 dpi
Light Source LED
Scanning Area 14" x 200" (355.6 x 5080 mm)
Scanning Speed 18 seconds at 300 dpi in grayscale per 14" x 17" film
OS Support Windows XP/ Windows 7 / 10 (ScanWizard Industry)
Software Included MiiNDT software kit
Film Size "Min:2.5"" x 2.5"" (63.5 mm x 63.5 mm) Max:14"" x 200""(355.6 x 5080 mm)"
TBD Film holders (8.5"" x 4.5"", 12"" x 3 1/3"")
TBD Automatic Film Feeder (Optional) : Up to 15 pics of film (Min. 2.5”x10” / Max. 14“ x 17”)
TBD Multi-channel tray (Optional) : Up to 3 pics of 30.5 x 8"
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