Inotec SCAMAX® 631cd Sheetfed Scanner

Part Number t631cd00

Inotec SCAMAX® 631cd

Best Imaging Industry Solution Provider


The SCAMAX® 6×1 is as compact as a table device but it scans with the power and the capacity of a high-performance scanner: faster, with greater persistence and more reliably than any scanner of its size. Developed for 24/7 operation and manufactured 100% in Germany, it sets standards with regard to document throughput, scanning quality, process efficiency and user-friendliness. Thus it easily masters your recurring or consecutive large-scale scanning projects at the touch of a button: from inbox scanning and archiving and up to commercial scanning services.

ECM professional journals say: “The SCAMAX® 6×1 ranks among the table scanners with the highest throughput in the world”. We say: the SCAMAX® 6×1 is an InoTec production scanner, Made in Germany.

Daily Volume Unlimited
Output Resolutions 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 dpi dual or multi resolution possible
Paper Formats • ISO formats: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, B4, B5, B6, B7 • US formats: Ledger, Legal, Letter, Executive, Invoice • User defined format
Scanning Speed 210 ppm
Feeder Capacity 750 sheets
Paper Input Automatically for batch or single sheet input, adjustable paper guide (also asymmetric), integrated support for long documents
Document Output Front Output tray in four definable plate angles, adjustable Paper Stop and asymmetrically adjustable Paper Guides, tray extension for long documents (max. 485 mm) and removal aid
Document Output Rear Rear output by straight paper path, controlled by active switch, to sort out separator sheets at full speed or to handle inflexible documents
Interface Scan to PC: USB 3.0 (socket type B), 3 x USB 2.1 (socket type A) for input devices/storage media. Socket DE-9 for service and up to 4 additional input switches
Drivers TWAINTM, ISIS® (MS61 ISIS compatible), WIA (on demand)
Compatible Operating Systems Windows 7/8 (32/64 Bit), Windows 10 (64 Bit)
s9000170 Inkjet Print Cartridge IE 3 pcs black
s9000190 Ink Cartridge HD Black (3 pcs.)
s9100002 White calibration paper (10 sheets)
t6xxz500 Scanner Lift Kit M16
t6x1p030 SCAMAX® HD Imprinter front + back side post scan
t6x1p032 SCAMAX® HD Imprinter front side post scan
t6x1p034 SCAMAX® HD Imprinter back side post scan
t6x1p022 SCAMAX® SD Imprinter front side post scan
t6x1p024 SCAMAX® SD Imprinter back side post scan
t6x1p026 SCAMAX® SD Imprinter front side pre scan*
t6xxo0sm SlowDown-Option M16 (20, 40, 80 ppm)
t6xxz340 Rear Output Tray M16
t8xxz000 DSP-Modul
t8xxz350 Prolongation of Paper Input Tray 0°
t8xxz355 Prolongation of Paper Input Tray 19°
s9100020 Professional vacuum cleaner
VP-P005-0001 Kofax VRS Elite (Production)
KX-SSC0-0001 Kofax Express (Super High Volume Production)

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