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What Is Process Intelligence?

Almost every step you take in your business involves a process. Whether you want to recruit new staff, train your employees, upgrade your software, sell your products, etc., everything you do is defined by a process. However, you need a tool that can help you collect the data of all your processes without disrupting your workflow so you can look at your current state, analyze the data and look for ways to improve every phase. And, this is what Process Intelligence is about.
Process Intelligence was designed to help organizations identify flaws in their workflow and boost their efficiency.

Our Process Intelligence Solution

With our Process Intelligence solution, you can effectively analyze and manage your business processes. Our tool allows our users to visualize the flaws or delays in your workflow and make improvements that can provide a better customer experience.
Furthermore, with advanced algorithms, we help our customers to identify deviations from their ideal workflow. We do this by capturing and reading the timestamps used to record specific events alongside the processes. The process intelligence software then displays these models so that users can instantly detect the error in the workflow



  • Process Visualization: When you can visualize all your processes, you can easily understand how they are executed, where the problems are, and how to optimize them.
  • Easy signature verification: Process Intelligence helps you understand how your processes are executed in real-time. This helps to correct and eliminate any inadequacies, allowing for better practices and improvements.
  • Process Insights: Process Intelligence helps gain actionable insights to make better decisions and produce excellent results.