Fujitsu FP2000CL Linerless

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Fujitsu New linerless label printer.

Printing thermal labels without release paper

Printing Technology Direct Line Thermal Method
Print Resolution 8 dot/mm (0.125mm/dot) 203dpi
Printing Speed (Monochrome only) Linerless Label Paper: 150mm/s, Thermal Paper: Maximum 230mm/s
Paper Feed-out Direction Top feed out
Cutter Method Partial cut
Installation Direction Two ways (Horizontal / Vertical)
Paper Linerless label
Paper length 46m
Paper width 58mm, 80mm
Outer diameter of roll paper Less than Φ83mm
Paper thickness 65µm - 85µm
Interface USB(2.0 Full-speed), RS232C Serial(9pins, 25pins), Wired LAN(10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
Acoustic Noise Less than 55 dB(A)
Paper Sensors Available to notice errors, printer status (Print Start/Print End/Paper Exit waiting)
Software Interface ESC/POS emulation
Software features "180dpi font mode, 16 Gray Scale printing, Logo Store Memory Max. 1088KB, Font A (12x24dots), Font B (10x24dots or 9x24dots), Font C (8x16dots), Two-dimensional code: QR code, PDF417, DataMatrix"
Drawer Interface 2 Drawers Controllable
MCBF (Mean-cycle-between-failure) Linerless Label Paper: 30million lines / Thermal Paper: 60million Lines
MTBF Main Board : 360,000H
Printer Mechanism Life 10 million line-feed
Print Head Linerless Label Paper: 75km / Thermal Paper: 150km
Cutter Linerless Label Paper: 0.3million cuts / Thermal Paper: 1.5million cuts
Power Requirements 24V±10% (AC Adapter) 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption (USB I/F only) during standby:1 W or less / 40 mA / Average during operating : 30 W or less / 1 A
Ambient Temperature Operation guarantee: 0 °C to 40°C / Print quality guarantee: 5 °C to 35°C
Relative Humidity Operation guarantee: 10 % RH to 95% RH / Print quality guarantee: 10 % RH to 85% RH
Dimensions 5.0(W)x6.8(D)x4.9(H) inch
Weight (without the packing box) Under 1.0kg
Cover Color Ocean Black & Royal White
Software Windows Driver, Printer Utility, SDK(Android, iOS)

Reducing of complexity for user’s operation
Current usage / problem

  • Possibilities of unmatching orders / information
    Handwriting for record orders / information
  • Removing label from sheet (EX. Using usual label operation)

After using Linerless printer solutions

  • Avoiding unmatching orders / info
    • Printed information of label is synchronized with receipt information
  • Efficiency of recording orders / info
    • Label is printed based on POS system information
  • Eco and easy usage for labeling
    • Reducing the garbage of labels

F-2000L helps operations for various aspects.

  • Contribution for smooth operation
    • High response : Printing speed(180mm/s) & Start printing
      FIT linerless printer helps user’s smooth operation than others.
      Time to start printing is faster than others by using FIT driver.
  • Cost support
    • Selectable sensors: Ex. Paper taken sensor

Selectable sensors: Ex. Paper taken sensor

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