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FUJITSU Printer 9890S – Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer Module
Airline Printer module
This printer module is mainly used by manufacturers of self-baggage drop machines (SBD) and self check-in machines (KIOSK). This new printer module supports various paper media used at airports and airlines around the world, such as liner-less baggage tags (*1) and RFID baggage tags, which are becoming mainstream now.
This can be done only by adding or replacing with optional parts without replacing the whole printer.

Physical Data: F9890S W 110 – D 140 – H 68 (mm) / 1.4kg [W 4.4 – D 5.6 – H 2.7 (inch) / 3.1 lb]
Physical Data: F9890S + RFID W 110 – D 170 – H 68 (mm) / 1.6kg [W 4.4 – D 6.7 – H 2.7 (inch) / 3.6 lb]
Power Supply 24Vdc
Environment Installed "150W maximum at operation, 5.0W maximum at standbyAt operation : 5 - 40℃ / 30 – 85%RH Alarm buzzer, 0 - 5,000m altitudeAt storage : -5 - 50℃ / 5 - 95%RH"
Connectivity USB 2.0 (F9890 has the virtual com for RS232C.)
Easy Maintenance "The computer tool for diagnostic and test functionStatistics data for transactions by log filesDot detection"
Printer modules "Direct Thermal Resolution : 203dpiPrinter Line width : 80mmSelectable Printer Speed : 5,6,7,8 inch/secSelectable Print Density"
"Barcode Conform to the ITPS(*2) standard: 1D" Interleaved 2 of 5 / Industrial 2 of 5 / Code 39 & Code 128 / EAN 13
"Barcode Conform to the ITPS(*2) standard: 2D" PDF417 / Aztec / Data Matrix / QR
Conformable Standards "Fully ITPS compatibleIATA Resolution 722eIATA Resolution 740 and 1740e"
"Data Interface ITPS standard: Certified by" "ARINC vMUSE / ARINC iMUSE / ARINC cMUSE / SITA AirportConnect (CUTE)/ SITA Liaison / ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company products/ Microsoft Windows® driver for airline use / Navitaire GoNow&NewSkies are compatible"
"Data Interface ITPS standard: Will be certified by" "Amadeus Air IT / Americas EASE / Travelsky NEW APP / Travelsky Angel NEW APP/ Materna IPS GmbH ULTRA CUSE* To be updated sequentially"
RFID Support Radio : UHF=Ultra High Frequency
Options "- RFID Unit- AC Adapter- USB Cable- Photosensor- Damper"

World class performance, reliability

FUJITSU’s mechanical components expertise and long history for airline printers has been impremented and it makes high quolity, performance.
A printer with a new device that reflects the voice of customers in the aviation industry.
Compact design to be installed in a machine

: W 110 – D 140 – H 68 (mm) / 1.4kg [W 4.4 – D 5.6 – H 2.7 (inch) / 3.1 lb]

F9890S + RFID
: W 110 – D 170 – H 68 (mm) / 1.6kg [W 4.4 – D 6.7 – H 2.7 (inch) / 3.6 lb]

Expandability for various baggage tags

It is possible to handle special baggage tags, for which demand is expected more in the future, simply by adding or replacing optional parts. (RFID, Liner-less) The total cost can be reduced when used for many years than other printers.
Fully equipped standard unit

Cutter Unit and Cut & Cramp functions are standard equipment.
This enables to use variety of samples from the beginning.

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