Mobile Capture- Forefront Technologies
Are you tired of attending to long queues at front desks in your office? With our Mobile Capture Solutions, your customers or employees can access and process information from their smartphones anywhere in the world. So whether they need to fill a form or upload their documents, you can save your time and theirs by using our Mobile Capture Solutions.

What Is Mobile Capture?

Mobile Capture software allows users to obtain information in any format such as images, forms, etc., access them, and process the captured information on a smartphone.

Our Mobile Capture solution

With Forefront Technologies Mobile Capture, you can save your customers the stress of entering their information manually and provide them with a smooth customer experience.
Our solution utilizes smartphone cameras to capture and process information using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. With this tool, you can easily obtain and validate data from paper documents, minimize the need for manual information entry and relieve your customers of unnecessary stress.