SMA 51

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The SMA 51 archive writer is the Number One 16/35 mm archive writer in the market. With hundreds of installations around the globe the SMA 51 archive writer has made a name for itself. With the introduction of 8k technology the SMA 51 8K has reached a completely new level!
Archive Writer Technology Protects the Digital World thru Long-Term Storage on Microfilm
Save your essential data which is subject to long-term preservation requirements with minimum effort and very cost effective on the proven media microfilm.

The SMA 51 Archive Writer produces an analog backup of your digital business documents. There is no more need for migration of your electronic archive, as microfilm is totally software and hardware independent.
Microfilm, produced properly and kept under the right conditions, has a life expectancy of 500 years. In addition it is tamper proof and cannot be manipulated by viruses and hackers.

The SMA 51 Archive Writers can handle the most common image files such as TIFF, JPEG and PDF on the fly, no matter if they come in bitonal, greyscale or color. The converting process is quick, reliable and provides excellent image quality. The original document size can vary from as small as a postcard up to large maps and drawings. After the files are transfered to the system it will work unattended.
The system includes a PC workstation and operating software which manages the downloaded files. Communication with the PC takes place via standard interface.
The Quad-Mode allows you to split any image into quarters. This is very useful for originals which cannot be viewed at once anyway. The 9-Mode splits images in nine pieces, the 4×4 mode in 16.

The SMA 51 Archive Writer covers all microfilm types from 16 to 35 mm as well as microfiche. An optional addition to the product makes it now possible to cover all types of microfilm and microfiche in only one device.

High Productivity
The SMA 51 8k Archive Writer is the fastest in the world. In duplex mode it is possible to write up to 7200 images per hour to microfilm. In simplex mode up to 3600 images per hour can be processed. For smaller originals – such as library cards, cheques etc. – an optional available nesting tool can pre-arrange the images which results in a much higher frame per hour conversion rate.

The fact that the SMA 51 Archive Writer utilizes standard camera microfilm makes it very cost-effective and does not force the user to buy proprietary consumables.

Technical Data · 16 & 35 mm archive writer · Utilized standard microfilm of all brands · 8K technology which creates tremendous film quality · Converts up to 7,200 images per hour
  • The first 35 mm roll film archive writer in the world
  • By far the most widespread 16/35 mm archive writer around the world
  • Rock solid long-term preservation on human readable media
  • Outstanding image quality

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