SMA 105

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The SMA 105 is the first microfiche archive writer ever, installed at the European Union office in Brussels/Belgium back in 1999. The SMA 105 is the only microfilm archive writer in the market that produces microfiche. It comes with an onboard processor which develops the microfiche right after the exposure process. This enables the user to look at the processed microfiche only minutes after the conversion process. There is no other archive writer like this in the market!

Technical Data · Microfiche (105 x 148 mm) archive writer · On-board processor is part of the system · Uses a film & chemistry set to ensure archival quality · One film & chemistry set can convert almost 160,000 images
  • Till date still the only microfiche archive writer in the world
  • Creates and processes a microfiche within minutes
  • Offers many advantages over roll film
  • Very high productivity

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