ScanPro® i9500 All-In-One

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ScanPro All-In-One, you are able to convert entire microfilm collections that include 16mm, 35mm, fiche, jacketed fiche and aperture cards and perform on-demand research all within in one unit. The All-In-One allows you to easily read, scan, print and convert your images with exceptional speed and accuracy and automatically with its motorized AUTO-Carrier™. The surprisingly affordable All-In-One reaps the benefits of both a roll film and fiche conversion unit and an on-demand unit all within one machine – saving you time and money.

The ScanPro All-In-One microfilm scanners are built on the ScanPro platform first developed in 2006 and has been continually improved since then. Today, these microfilm scanners are fast, and have features and capabilities not found on any other microfilm equipment. Patrons have named these features as being special in making working with microfilm enjoyable and fun. Names like the “magic button” and the “must have feature” that reflect patron appreciation for the continual effort to make working with microfilm both easy and fun.

Hardware • 26 Megapixel Camera: (6.6 MP image sensor x 4) with integrated pixel-shifting technology, largest pixels in the industry, over 7 times larger than the nearest competitor • Zoom range: Optical 7x to 105x • Scannable media reduction range: Optical 7x to 105x • Camera Orientation: Portrait and landscape selectable providing best image clarity for both portrait and landscape images • USB3/USB2/USB1: Convenient, front access port for flash drives • Image rotation: Optical straightening of images for best image clarity • Illumination: Soft, bright, film-optimized, monochromatic LEDs with lifetime warranty and optically clear carrier glass for best image clarity • Precision-Guide rollers: Low inertia 12 ball bearing design protects film, easy-to-thread, provides precision control of film position and movement
Available Carriers and Media •  AUTO-Carrier™: Automatic scanning support for fiche, jackets, aperture cards, micro opaques, also enhances roll film performance • UCC 510: 16/35 combination motorized roll film with and without blips, fiche, jackets, aperture cards, and micro opaques • UCC 610: 16/35/35M Cartridge combination motorized roll film with and without blips, fiche, jackets, aperture cards, and micro opaques
Standard Software Features •  User Interface: Intuitive Windows computer interface with customizable film selection wizard. Just a single-click to automatically set up your scanner using custom presets that retain all settings including optical zoom and focus. Presets are selected by simply clicking a picture of the customer’s film. • Reads “Blips” for indexed searching of all film types: The only solution to handle all blipped film collections including Kodak, Canon, Minolta, 3M, AGFA or custom formatted film regardless of brand.- one, two, and three level image marks for use with simplex, duplex, and duo film. •  AUTO-Scan™: Automatically scans roll film b, fichec and jacketsc o   Straighten and crop o  File formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more o Unlimited scans, up to 20 images per minute (IPM) roll film b, fichec and jacketsc • FOCUS-Lock™: Continual image focus even during optical zoom • Fit-to-window: Displayed image covers the entire monitor screen leaving no blank area • Magnifier: Digital zoom 7x to 1575x, read small text and examine fine details. Scan and print what is seen in the magnifier window •  Digital image rotation: Click to rotate 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360° •  Mirror: Click to mirror image • AUTO-Adjust™: Automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, straightens, and crops with single click • Automatic Straighten Select fully automatic, or semi-automatic • Previous/Next: Click to quickly and accurately move 1 to 9 images • MergeClips™: Paste, annotate, arrange, and size multiple scans onto a single page • Software selectable resolution: 150 dpi to 2000 dpi, 8-bit grayscale, 1-bit black and white • Scan and save file formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more, single and multi-page, single page OCR (OCR using ABBYY Fine Reader Engine) • Specify scan dimensions: Explicitly specify the size of the printed or scanned document image • Watermark and copyright: Customizable warning support for scans and prints • Three single-click print button: Print seamlessly using preset printer and to specific printer paper drawer with the required paper size • Four single-click scan buttons: Scan and save seamlessly using preset file name, format, and path • Single-click scan to Cloud button: Scan and save seamlessly to cloud using preset file name and format • Single-click scan to email button: Scan and save seamlessly to email securely using external or embedded email app
Image-mark (blip) sensingAutomatically advance film to desired document or page
Fully integrated OCR technologyEffortless text searches and storage, increasing productivity and morale
Optical Zoom7x-105x optical magnification provides maximum image sharpness across the entire range
Automatic ScanningAUTO-Scan™ automatically scans roll film and fiche with speed and accuracy at 20 images/minute and with the optional AUTO-Scan Pro, that speed increases to 100 images per minute
26 megapixel camera, highest in the industryThe ScanPro i9500 high-performance, 26 Megapixel, pixel-shifting camera produces the clearest image in the microfilm industry. Pixel-shifting is a state-of-the-art technology being used by some of the best known and respected manufactures in the camera industry. Companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax, Lumix, and many others are successfully using this technology. Although e-ImageData is not the first manufacturer to use pixel-shifting, we are the first and the only manufacturer in the micrographics industry to use this advanced technology to capture higher megapixel images. E-ImageData starts with the largest image sensor in the industry with the largest pixel size in the industry and using pixel shifting technology, captures and integrate 4 unique optical images into a single 26 megapixel camera image, providing the clearest microfilm images in the industry
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