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Multi-Format Production Microfilm Scanner
Why invest in multiple scanners, when the FlexScan®  Multi-Format Production Microfilm Scanner does it all? Whether your project demands high-volume conversion of rollfilm, microfiche, or aperture cards, FlexScan® enables you to make better use of your investment by deploying a single high-performance system to meet the demands of multifaceted scanning challenges.

The FlexScan® scanning solution provides a complete package of hardware, software, training and support to give you the best solution for the conversion of your microforms to the highest quality digital images possible.

Flexible Media Scanning: Film, Fiche, Aperture Cards
Unparalleled Scanning Capabilities. FlexScan® is the most advanced and versatile production scanner on the market, delivering high-performance conversion for collections containing mixed micrographic media formats. Those include: microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards.

100% Reliable High-Speed Image Capture
Confident Image Capture. Produce high-resolution scans at up to 800 images per minute with our unique line scanning capture technology. Media is scanned top-to-bottom, end-to-end, producing a true archival digital reproduction, ensuring the capture of all data.

Pristine High-Resolution Images
Confident Image Quality. FlexScan® creates superior digital images from even the most challenging source film. Proprietary lighting, LUMINTEC™ technology, nearly doubles native image resolution while high-precision optics capture raw detailed images, expanding the ability to see fine details documented from the original record.

Workflow Designed for Ultimate Productivity
Confident Project Management. Streamline your work and triple productivity with NextStarPlus® Software, designed to optimize workflow and minimize operator setup and QA. Unique NextStarPLUS® features allow for the simultaneous capture, index, audit, and output enabling optimal film processing performance. Operators can audit and index one roll of film, while scanning the next.

  • Versatile Scanning Capabilities
  • Reliable High-Speed Image Capture; Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards
  • Military-Grade Image Processing
  • High-Resolution Digital Images
  • Gentle on Delicate Film
  • Fully Configurable Project Workflow
  • Best-in-Industry Warrant

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