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Bookeye 4 Office Color A2+ Scanner

The intelligent department scanner

Bookeye ® 4 Office combines the ease of use of a self service kiosk model with the requirements of a modern, integrated departmental scanner. Department scanners require:

  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • User authentication for secure data processing
  • User profiles to control of workflows
  • Journaling for job completion checks
  • Remote management and maintenance

An essential feature of a departmental scanner is the reliable identification of each user. The Bookeye ® 4 Office sets new standards in its class as a secure, shared departmental device.

The integrated fingerprint sensor allows reliable identification of users and, consequently, the correct assignment of workflow and consistent logging of the system processes.

Therefore, incorrect or unauthorized use can be largely excluded, providing security at the departmental level and boosting the efficiency of your office.

Further highlights that make Image Access scanners the right choice for every application 

  • Digital color balance
  • Integrated ICC-profile
  • Automatic white balance and black value
  • Scan2USB - Walk up scanning to USB Stick
  • Scan2Print - Output to any connected printer
  • Scan2Network - Output to any network driver
  • Scan2Pad - Wireless scanner operation for iPad and Android
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A (with Scan2PDF), JPEG, TIFF, PNM
  • Large 19 inch preview screen
  • Operating system independent, runs under Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix
  • Easy installation via Scan2Net® technology
  • Remote maintenance and analysis
  • Web based firmware updates
  • Energy efficiency class A2 BAT (best available technology)
  • Includes 12 month Extended Warranty subscription

Direct scanning from file folders


Easy authentication through fingerprint reader


User Concept and Workflow Control

By defining users and user groups, the scanner´s interface can be personalized and the processes controlled. Users see only the functions that they need. In this way, you can address specific requirements and customize the user interface (i.e. when scanning delivery notes, require the entry of specific data like customer number, document type, shipping number, etc.) while defining the underlying workflow (dynamic target directories, multiple routing, etc). The user only has to ensure that he gets a clean scan, the scanner will do the rest of the work.

Integrate Your Document Management System

  • Currently, Bookeye® 4 Office features a certified EMC2 interface and a Saperion interface is also available.
  • Not your DMS system?
  • No problem, just contact us!
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