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Spectra StorCycleTM Storage Management Software

More than 80 percent of data is being stored on the wrong tier of storage, costing organizations millions of dollars a year. IT professionals intuitively know they are not storing their data efficiently because they have never been given the correct tools to do so… until now. Spectra Logic’s StorCycle storage management software is the answer to deploying a modern storage lifecycle management workflow. StorCycle reduces the overall cost of storing data by up to 70 percent.

Spectra’s StorCycle is an easy, affordable and efficient solution built specifically to identify inactive data that consumes expensive primary storage capacity. It then migrates identified data to a more affordable protected tier of storage called the Perpetual Storage Tier, while leaving the data fully accessible to users. The Perpetual Storage Tier holds inactive data, which is tracked, protected and is available at a future time if needed. This tier is also used for data distribution, backup, archive, disaster recovery and more.

Perpetual Storage Tier

A new modern storage model for managing and storing data is underway. The new model consists of two tiers – a Primary Tier and a Perpetual Tier. Data migrated via StorCycle is moved from the Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier. The Primary Tier holds all active data and is most commonly comprised of flash, NVMe, other solid-state technologies and high-performance disk drives in order to achieve the performance required for workflows associated with highly active data. The Perpetual Tier is dedicated to inactive data and is designed to keep multiple copies of data on multiple storage mediums including cloud, NAS, object storage disk and tape. The Perpetual Tier is used for secondary storage, distribution, backup, archive, and disaster recovery. Organizations can configure the more economical Perpetual Tier to be as responsive as their workflows demand – creating a responsive copy on NAS and a DR copy on cloud or tape.


Running out of Primary Tier storage? Want to move to a flash-based storage system, but have too much data for the move to be financially viable? Backups taking too long to complete and costing too much? Not sure what data has gone cold, so additional high-cost disk or flash is added to primary storage? StorCycle solves these challenges with its ability to identify inactive data based on user-defined policies.


StorCycle software provides two basic methods of migrating data – Project Archive and Auto Migrate. The Project Archive method is for completed data sets that will change minimally, if at all, but cannot be deleted, such as machine-generated data, completed experiment output, videos, etc. When a project is completed and is no longer in the edit or creation phase, StorCycle can migrate it from the Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier via the project archive function. The Auto Migrate method identifies inactive files based on age, size and file type. User defined policies can then move those files to the Perpetual Tier. StorCycle’s ability to easily and automatically migrate data off of Primary Tier to the Perpetual Tier is invaluable – essentially extending production storage to provide limitless capacity at a fraction of the cost.


Cyberattack, ransomware, natural disaster or simple human error – any of these can destroy an organization’s most valuable asset – its data – in an instant. StorCycle software protects data through end-to-end checksums; encrypting on all storage targets; and with the ability to store multiple copies on multiple storage mediums, enabling genetic diversity of storage mediums. StorCycle has the ability to store data on tape for offsite or vaulted storage, creating an impenetrable air gap that guarantees data security. StorCycle is fully Active Directory-compliant. File permission will remain intact regardless of where data is stored. StorCycle will even analyze the protection level of user-defined migration policies and assign a Perpetual Score* indicating the level of protection each migration policy creates.

*Available in a future release


StorCycle’s unique ability to use HTML Links and Symbolic Links* assures quick and easy access to data even after it has been migrated. StorCycle will migrate the file from primary storage leaving a link behind for user OR application access. The best of all worlds. IT administrators are able to free up valuable primary storage space while users can continue to access their data seamlessly. StorCycle can also be used to make copies of primary storage, leaving the original data in place. The user-friendly StorCycle web interface also includes a robust search tool to easily find and retrieve files. Access data the way you want!

*Available in future releases

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