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  • Direct Thermal Label & Ticket Printing
  • Ultra High Speed printing, max.260mm/sec
  • Roll & Fanfold Paper, Min.25.4mm to Max.83mm Paper Width Acceptable
  • Splash-proof Design and Compact Body
  • FUJITSU Super Green Product, Just for One Earth
  • High Reliability and High Durability

Direct Thermal Label & Ticket Printing:

Reflective and transmissive sensors are built in FP-32L as standard. Those sensors allow to print different types of label and ticket papers.

Printing speed: 260mm/sec.

Resolution: 203dpi(8dot/mm)

Ultra High Speed, Max.260mm/sec:

FP-32L features the fastest printing speeds at max.260mm/sec in this class. The printing speed is reduced depending on printing pattern (graphical images or barcodes) to keep accuracy of printing quality.

Roll & Fanfold Paper, 25.4mm to 83mm Paper Width Acceptable:

FP-32L supports min.25.4mm (1 in.) to max.83mm (3.2 in.) paper width. Only few seconds to be ready with one touch open cover and drop-in mechanism. Built-in paper guide helps each paper width adjustment.

Splash-proof Design:

FP-32L passed IEC60529 (level 2) conformance test for protection against accidental liquid falling in order to keep clean and dry inside of the printer.

FUJITSU Super Green Product:

Fujitsu Super Green Product means a product or system with superior environmental consideration than others we supply or being available on the market. The product must pass and follow our most strict standard and compliance for one earth.

High reliability:

70million lines of printer life (MCBF)

150km in 1 color, 75km in 2 colors thermal head life

2 million cuts of cutter life (with 75µmpaper thickness)Thermal Head life: 150km

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