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Main Feature

  • Quiet and Efficient high Speed printing (max300mm/sec.)
  • Adopting user-friendly Front Feed-out function.
  • Big diameter roll paper (Max.102mm in diameter) available.
  • Two color printing.
  • Four types roll paper (58, 60, 80 and 83mm).
  • Thick paper (Ticket/Label) available.
  • High Reliability
  • 16 gray scale function
  • Cost saving mode

Quiet and efficient high speed printing

By utilizing a fine thermal head, we have reached one of the fastest printing speeds in the market at 300mm/sec with FP-510. A clearly legible receipt is delivered quickly with minimal noise.

Printing speed: 300mm/sec.

Resolution: 203dpi(8dot/mm)

Adopting user-friendly Front Feed-out function

By adopting Front Feed discharge for easy paper handling, receipt printing is available without keeping your customers waiting, also the replacement of the paper roll is simplified using "Drop in" method.

Big diameter roll paper(Max.102mm in diameter) available

The bigger the diameter, the lower the per sheet cost.

Four types roll paper available for the same printer

By using built in partition for 4 types roll paper can be printed.

Thick paper(Ticket/Label) available

Thick thermal paper (Max.paper-thickness 150µm)is printable.

High Reliability

Cutter life : 2 million cuts (Paper thickness 75µm)

Thermal Head life: 150km

Printer life: 70 million lines (MCBF)

Easy maintenance

No troublesome adjustment needed after maintenance operation.

Black and White color available

You can choose one of the two colors for your printer body.


FP-510 has a built-in Buzzer as standard.

16 Gray Scale function

16 Gray scale function outputs vibrant and clear images. High resolution image printing capability supports your branding strategy to print product images on coupons and receipt advertisement (available only with OPOS driver).

Cost saving mode

Reduced Compact Printing and small Top Margin printing provide you good solutions to save your running cost.

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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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