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Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge and the experience to help ensure the installation goes smoothly. With your help, the technician will arrive well prepared and complete the task with minimal disruption to you and your staff. A preinstall checklist will serve as your guide to ensure you’ve completed all hardware preparations and the hardware can be installed with ease. These steps include:

Technology has accelerated the speed at which businesses operate, deliver, and grow - so rapid time to productivity on new investments is critical.

Lenovo experts can seamlessly manage the physical installation of your server, storage or networking hardware, so you can quickly benefit from your investment.

When you choose Lenovo Hardware Installation, you get a service that is:

Efficient – So your IT staff stays focused on higher priorities

Convenient – Arranged to fit your schedule

Seamless – Our experienced technicians perform the installation from end to end

Sensible – Pre-installation checklists help avoid wasted time and extra expense

  • Backing up data you need to migrate to the new hardware
  • Ensuring the new hardware is available and in place
  • Providing a power supply, network connection, racks, cables, and any other necessary parts
  • Designating a representative who is available and able to assist the technician with access, approvals, IP addresses, and so on 
  • Providing a safe workspace and appropriate access for the technician


  • You can rely on the expert to provide end-to-end installation, including:
  • Initial removal of the product from packaging, including inspection for damage
  • Installation of the product per the associated documentation
  • Physical connection and powering on of hardware
  • Firmware and BIOS check and update to the latest levels if needed
  • Consolidation of all packaging materials and disposal within your site
  • Installation of Lenovo-branded or Lenovo-supported devices into the rack
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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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