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Lenovo Professional Services

Lenovo Professional Services or Managed Services

With Lenovo Professional Services, professionals remotely monitor and manage your data centre to enhance security and reliability and help ensure maximum performance and stability. Continuous 24×7 remote monitoring and proactive management for a customer’s data center using state of the art tools, systems, and practices by a team of highly skilled and experienced Lenovo services professionals that can bolster workforce productivity, drive innovation and enhance business results.

Lenovo Managed Services provides customers with a reduction in risks in managing complex solutions, improving system availability, capacity, and performance. Available for SAP HANA/BWA, HPC, HX Series Nutanix and Hardware/Firmware only

Lenovo Hardware Installation (Basic Hardware Installation) 

Lenovo experts can seamlessly manage the physical installation of your server, storage, or networking hardware so you can quickly benefit from your investment.

Lenovo Hardware Installation is:

  • Efficient – Keep your IT staff focused on higher priorities
  • Convenient – Arrange the service to fit your schedule
  • Seamless – Let experienced technicians perform the installation
  • Sensible – Avoid wasted time and extra expenses with a pre-installation check-list

Lenovo Deployment Services

Lenovo can provide comprehensive on-site configuration of hardware and software, including:

  • Configuration and integration for
    • Servers, storage, and networking
    • Operating systems
    • Software
    • Virtualisation configuration
    • High-availability configuration
  • Validation
  • Training on administrative tasks
  • Post-installation documentation
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