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Enterprise Software Support

Enterprise Software Support also known as Remote Technical provides unlimited access to comprehensive Software Support from a single point of contact

  • Take advantage of comprehensive, single point of contact support covering server operating systems and business applications
  • Receive additional software support beyond hardware break/fix
  • Make unlimited support calls at one low annual rate
  • Available in these versions:
  • Enterprise Software Support Multi-OS: Microsoft, VMWare, Red Hat, SUSE
  • Enterprise Software Support Multi-OS and Applications

Lenovo provides remote assistance, via telephone, in response to requests pertaining to the following:

I. Basic, short duration installation, usage, and configuration questions;

II. Questions regarding Lenovo Supported Product publications;

III. Diagnostic information review to assist in isolation of a problem cause;

IV. Code-related problem questions; and

V. For a known defect, available corrective service information and program fixes which you are entitled to receive. When you report a problem on covered non-Lenovo Software Supported Products, we will assist you in isolating the problem cause and provide you recovery information, if available, from the vendor.

Lenovo provides, for covered non-Lenovo software Supported Products, corrective service information and program fixes, if available, and they are authorized to provide for known defects. If a new (unknown) defect is identified, Lenovo will report it to the appropriate vendor and notify of their actions. At this point, they will consider their support requirements fulfilled. Resolution of these problems is the responsibility of the vendor.

Enterprise Software Support Offerings

  • Remote phone support for OEM Server Operating Systems
  • Complete L1/L2/L3 solution ( L3 provided via engagement of SW product OEM)
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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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