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Silex DS-520AN

The use of mobile terminals in the office is continually increasing. At the same time, scanners, multifunctional printers, dongles, meters and readers and USB hard disks frequently do not yet have a wireless interface. The DS-520AN Wireless USB Device Server replaces the USB cable with a radio or LAN connection and simultaneously avoids the restrictions of USB cables (max. 5 metres in length). 

This means that devices can be flexibly connected in any location. Furthermore, USB Device Servers allow devices to be used by several people in sequence via the wireless network, which reduces procurement costs for IT infrastructure and contributes to their full utilisation.


1 Enterprise Security
Security for professional use that takes IT security beyond standard encryption and which can be relied on by business users:
  • Open
  • WEP (64bit/128bit)
  • WPA2-PSK (AES)
  • WPA2-EAP (AES)
2 Isochronous data-transfer mode
Devices such as industrial USB cameras (full- and high-speed) and audio devices such as loudspeakers  that require continuous and almost real-time data transfer can also be used in a network environment.*
*The use of isochronous USB devices is very complex and not every device can be used in the radio  network. Compatibility validation is urgently recommended.
3 Wireless print server
The DS-520AN can be used as a wireless print server. The "RAW" and "LPR" network print protocols are supported. Furthermore, printers with fitted LAN cards can have a extra WLAN interface added. This allows the printer be used by several people, even from different network segments.
Printer can be used from separate network segments (e.g. research / open guest network) thanks to additional interface.
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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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