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Silex DS-600

High-speed support

USB3.0 SuperSpeed is supported. DS-600 can transmit data faster than the preceding model. Even devices that handle large data such as scanners can transmit data quickly with USB3.0 and the DS-600, allowing you to improve work effciency.

Robust Security

Office network securities have been advanced, and the number of authentication to prevent illegal access to the internal network and needs of route encryption to keep data secrecy are increased.

DS-600 supports the following three securities needed for office networks.

IEEE 802.1X authentication

DS-600 supports IEEE 802.1X authentication, and it can be used for a network environment, which requires enterprise authentication. Supported authentication: EAP-TLS, PEAP (PEAPv0), EAP-TTLS

Data encryption (AES256bit)

Data encryption is supported over network routes. It processes network transfer safely for data requiring high security.

USB connect password function

Password configuration is available for each USB port. DS-600 manages users, who can connect to a specific USB device.

Specialized features for USB devices

Isochronous Transfer mode

USB devices such as Webcams or USB speakers, which require consecutive and real-time data transmission, can be also used in a network environment. DS-600 supports both Full Speed and High Speed.

Standard TCP/IP printing (LPR/RAW)

DS-600 supports generally-used network printing protocols: "Raw mode printing" and "LPR printing". DS-600 can be available as a print server when it is connected to a printer.

NAS (Network Attached Storage) functions

Storages such as USB hard disk drives can be used as NAS. When storages with specific formats are simply connected to DS-600, they will be available as NAS in the network. Supported formats: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

Simple configuration

Silex free software "Device Server Setup" (available at Silex web site) gives easy-setup. Users just need to answer questions on the screen and the configuration will be easily done.

ECO mode

When DS-600 isn't used for a certain period of time, the USB bus power feeding is turned of to save energy. It increases power-saving effciency. The USB bus power feeding automatically starts when this product is used again.


DS-600 is compatible with USB-Hubs, allowing to increase the number of connectable USB devices. If you have questions to the maximum number of connectable USB devices, please contact the Forefront Technical Support.

Assumed applicable devices for DS-600

  • Document Scanner
  • Printer, MFP, Copier
  • USB Industrial Cameras
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • USB-Sticks
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