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EonStor GS 3012

This 2U 12 bay unified storage was designed for ultra high performance and effortless integration to the cloud. It provides all the benefits of SAN, NAS and object storage together in one single system, offering powerful storage features and simplifying management and deployment. As a cloud-integrated solution, it also offers unlimited scalability and guaranteed high availability, giving users the best of both worlds in one storage system.

Product advantages

Cloud-integrated unified storage

  • Provides file, block and object storage in a single consolidated system, delivering flexibility for both structured and unstructured data, as well as unlimited scalability through cloud services

Ultra high performance and efficiency

  • Delivers 740K IOPS, 11GB/s block and 3,000MB/s CIFS bandwidth.
  • Features SSD Cache, protocol translation and intelligent sorting of hot and cold data, guaranteeing exceptional performance at every level of operation.
  • Deduplication and compression ensure the efficient use of bandwidth to effectively extend data to the cloud and lower overall costs.

Comprehensive data protection and security

  • Provides AES 256bit Encryption for data-in-flight and data-at-rest, as well as SSL integration, ensuring data is protected from malicious attacks at all times.
  • Integrates Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR), snapshot, volume replication, file-level rsync, and SED compatibility to minimize data loss risks.

High availability

  • Ensured non-disruptive operations via redundancy of dual controller and SMB 3.0 transparent failover
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