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Multipurpose A1 Scanbed Scanner

Multi-Purpose A1+ Flatbed Scanner

  • Large 37” x 24” scanning area
  • Flatbed design for a wide variety of documents and objects
  • Color CCD with true 800 dpi optical resolution
  • 10 mm depth of field ensures superior scan quality
  • Switchable two-way LED light source meets scan requirements
  • toward various subjects
  • One CCD design, no image stitching
  • Convenient casters for easy movement and stationary
  • Optional suites of software meet various demands, including ScanWizard DTG and Cubi

Microtek’s LS-3800 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning area up to 37” x 24”, larger than DIN A1 and perfect for scanning large documents, such as color posters, architectural drawings, industrial and construction blueprints. Moreover, it is also fit to scan clothes, textiles, hanging charts, bounded books, fragile materials, fine arts, and other exquisite originals. The LS-3800 has a color CCD with optical resolution of 800 dpi, ensuring superior imaging performance. The two-way switchable LED light source is perfect to scan subjects with either even or uneven surfaces. Also, it can be powered on immediately, requiring zero warm-up time. Users only need to put originals to be scanned on the glass surface and then they can easily get clear images.

Flatbed Design Fits Different Scanning Requirements

With a flatbed design, LS-3800 is perfect for scanning large or thick papers, fragile materials, clothes, textiles, hanging charts, bounded books and other originals.

Advantages of a switchable two-way LED light source

Scanning of a two-way light source can decrease shadows made by paper creases.On the other way, scanning of a one-way light source is able to present images of objects more stereoscopic and lifelike. The LED light source can be powered on immediately, requiring zero warm-up time.

10 mm Depth of Field

The depth of field (DOF) for LS-3800 is up to 10 mm, which is convenient for users to scan heavy or thick objects with apparently concavo-convex patterns, such as oil paintings or sculptures, and still keeps scanned images vivid and lifelike.

Convenient Casters for Easy Movement and Stationary

Equipped with four leveling casters at bottom, LS-3800 can be moved easily indoors. They are also helpful for the installation or adjustment of the machine. Moreover, they bring users conveniences when scanning special objects or cleaning the machine.

Optional Suites of Software Meet Various Demands

ScanWizard Graph

This software is exclusively designed for customers who want to capture images of large-scale plans. ScanWizard Graph contains a lot of powerful and professional scanning and image correction tools which is ideal for advertising, printing, graphic-designing, library management institutes, image processing, architectures and constructions.

  • Auto Dynamic Range
  • Auto White/Black Points correction
  • Brightness & Contrast adjustment
  • Tone Curve correction
  • Filter effects
  • Descreen
  • Invert
  • Auto Color Restoration
  • Auto Color Enhancement
  • Exclusive LCH color space settings

ScanWizard DTG

This software is specifically designed for digital textiles and printings, offering many image improving functions, such as Texture Smoothing, Luminosity Sharpen and Detail Enhancement. ScanWizard DTG is good for using on printing digital patterns in textile, printing, dyeing and ready-to-wear industries.

ScanWizard Cubi

This software is exclusively designed for capturing stereogram. It is equipped with a switchable two-way LED light source which can change effects of projecting lights based on different needs, helpful for capturing vivid and lifelike plane or stereoscopic images. ScanWizard Cubi is perfect for using in manufacturing and image processing industries.

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