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iDocScan P100 Scanner

Ultra-fast, Robust and Reliable Duplex Scanning

iDocScan P100 includes a High-capacity 120-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF)that accepts various types and sizes of scan medias from business cards to A4 documents, and even embossed plastic cards, i.e. credit cards, ID cards, etc. With all its great enhancement features, P100 can ensure reliability and productivity in high-volume scanning up to 100ppm/200ipm. Additionally, its innovative ultrasonic sensor with high detection accuracy helps prevent operating errors and data loss.

Engineered for High-Speed Document Scanning

With impressive scanning speed up to 100 ppm/200 ipm, iDocScan P100 is suitable for workgroup environments with high volume scanning requirements. Ultimately, this leads to greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

Applicable to Various Types and Sizes of Scanning

iDocScan P100 provides high-precision paper separation system, which can reliably separate from a variety of paper types up to 0.04 mm ~ 0.38 mm in size to avoid scanning errors caused by multiple sheet feeding.

Easy Maintenance

Featured with clamshell design, iDocScan P100 allows for easy reach to the entire paper path, so you can paper jams, clean the parts, or replace a roller or pad easily by yourself. The life cycle of each pad and rollers can reach 300,000 scans.

Advanced Image Enhancement

iDocScan P100 software comes with many benefits and features such as Auto Crop & Deskew, Document Orientation, Descreen, Test Enhancement, Punch Holes Removal, Color Dropout, Blank Page Removal, Multi-Color Output and more, all contribute to consistent image quality.

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