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Object Storage Manager

QStar took a fresh look at data management when developing its Object Storage Manager (OSM) Solution. Combining an innovative object-based storage engine with existing QStar software technology, OSM offers the flexibility to store a user definable number of copies of archive data on low-cost, industry standard, hard disk systems and tape or optical libraries.

The solution uses a Windows or Linux gateway making OSM available through standard CIFS or NFS network shares. This eliminates the need for API support and provides a quick and easy method of connection to the network.

As businesses change over time, the solution allows for seamlessly scalability to multiple petabytes and stores billions of files. New storage technologies can be added without disruption, to complement existing technology.

The QStar OSM solution is self-managing and self healing; continuously monitoring and assuring the immutability and reliability of your data, until the final phase of the data lifecycle when the data is securely destroyed.

Encryption options are included in the solution, allowing only authorized access to on-line and off-line archive files. For disaster prevention, this flexible solution can create remote replica or mirror copies using QStarʼs Network Migrator or Data Director.

QStarʼs Object Storage Manager provides a comprehensive data storage solution using multiple storage technologies, for those businesses and organizations already dealing with tens or hundreds of terabytes of data, and for those who are thinking about how to manage and protect future petabytes.

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