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CaptureBites AutoBites Kofax Express

Combined with Kofax Express, AutoBites™ automates the import, processing and export of document images. Images can be processed with VRS, bar codes recognized and documents delivered to a document management system, database or email inbox of choice. All this in a fully automatic way.

Combine AutoBites with any device that scans PDF, TIF, JPG or BMP files to a folder. If you can scan color or gray photo quality, you can use VRS to crop, deskew and convert the images to perfect and compact black & white images. Or convert images delivered on DVD or USB drive to super compressed searchable color PDF or PDF/A files.

Use Cases:

  • Conversion of existing document image archives to searchable super-compressed PDF files. The original folder and file naming structure can be preserved or changed.
  • VRS Processing of document images produced with multifunctional devices to improve image quality, crop, deskew and auto-rotate images. Index data typed in on the front panel can be used in Kofax Express index fields.
  • Processing of incoming faxes through a fax server, reading bar codes from faxes and dispatching them to a document management and/or email inboxes of choice.
  • VRS processing of documents scanned with a book scanner.
  • Compressing document images stored in the cloud to increase access speed considerably and reduce cloud storage space.
  • Convert electronic PDF files to TIFF images for archival purposes.
  • Convert image files to PDF/A compliant files for archival purposes.


  • Watch an unlimited number of sub folder levels
  • Use sub folder names or original file names in Kofax Express index fields
  • Import TIF (single and multi page), PDF(single and multi page), JPG and BMP images.
  • Multiple formats can be mixed in a single folder
  • Import both color and black and white images.
  • Import electronic PDF files (text based PDF files, also known as PDF Normal).
  • Pair documents with an XML file to pass through index data typed in on the front panel of a networked scanner or MFP.
  • Create a document per incoming file or use any of the Kofax Express document separation methods (blank sheets, patch codes, bar codes or page counting).
  • Process documents with VRS to deskew, image enhance, auto-delete blanks, auto-rotate etc.
  • Read bar codes and use them to name or index documents.
  • Combine with any of the CaptureBites connectors to digitally imprint, split booklets or folded forms, email documents, export to database, dual export etc.
  • Use any of the standard Kofax Express connectors to output processed documents.
  • Output processed documents in exactly the same structure and file naming as the original input structure and file naming or define it in any other way required.
  • Leverages Kofax Express background export for staging batches to optimize document processing speed.
  • Leverages Kofax Express multi-core processing for parallel VRS processing.
  • Leverages Kofax Express multi-core processing for parallel OCR processing to generate searchable PDF files.

Easy to Use:

  • Start AutoBites.
  • Select a Kofax Express Job in AutoBites.
  • Start processing documents automatically.

Easy to Setup:

  • Define a Kofax Express FolderScan Job and set VRS, separation, bar code, indexing and export options.
  • Adjust some self-explanatory settings in AutoBites or simply use the defaults.
  • Point AutoBites to a watched folder and start processing incoming document images automatically.
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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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