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Spectra T50e

Better Reliability

Organizations with demanding and complex requirements need top-notch library performance. The Spectra T50e library is designed for minimal user intervention and management by offering the highest levels of data integrity, security, and reliability.

Better Reliability Through Lifecycle Management

To help ensure your library is operating 24×7, the T50e library offers a toolset to ensure the continuous operation of your library, drives and tape media. Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) removes the question of media reliability and data integrity, ensuring the safety of your data by providing continuous assessments on more than 40 different metrics throughout the life of each tape.

Drive Lifecycle Management (DLM) helps you monitor drives by integrating tape drive analysis, diagnostics and reporting within the library’s easy-to-manage, color-coded icons that help you quickly identify the health status of a drive. Library Lifecycle Management (LLM) helps manage the health of your library’s critical components by delivering utilization metrics to help you service your library before issues occur.

Data Integrity Verification

To give you data integrity verification, Spectra offers a sophisticated suite of standard features that allow you to actively check data already written to tape. PreScan checks each imported tape and verifies that the tape can be written to, scanning the tape for potential issues including broken or dislodged leader and write-protected status.

QuickScan scans a tape uni-directionally by reading the length of one wrap of the tape to provide a rapid indicator of integrity of data written. FullScan confirms that there are no media errors on the tape by reading the entire length of the tape up to the end of the recorded data. To ensure that the data is valid, you can set triggers to check the health of tapes over an interval of time or verify a specific tape’s data integrity on request. This process allows for rapid spot-checks of data integrity.

Assisted Self-Maintenance (ASM)

When a component needs replacement, Spectra gives you the option to do it yourself without onsite support. ASM is an industry-first support option designed for environments where normal support services are available but not always feasible for specific customers (e.g. high-security facilities, mobile sites such as ships). ASM parts are stocked at your site, giving you the ability to make immediate repairs and eliminate any waiting periods.

The Only Library that Takes Care of Itself

Eliminate downtime by preventing unexpected failures with the T50e’s AutoSupport feature. The T50e self-monitors its drives, power supplies, controller and robotics, alerting you when they need attention. It also “phones home” by emailing a notification to SpectraGuard Support and opening a ticket automatically. You can be on the way to a resolution—without making a phone call. When you’re ready to call SpectraGuard, your agent has the trace logs, status information and library configuration details to help you quickly resolve the issue before it can have an operational impact.

Support When, Where and How You Want It

Support for Spectra T50e ranges from our standard worldwide next business day on site service to more advanced alternatives, including same business day or four-hour on site service. Our one of a kind expertise comes from over 30 years of solving real problems with hands-on lab work and on-site technical support. Our support staff is cross-trained over the entire storage environment—not just hardware—so we can assist you with all aspects of a problem. From open to close, we are committed to resolving any issue.

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