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Monitor Console Server

The following can be found in the Kofax Monitor 6.0 product.

General Updates

  • Increased number of severity levels (6) and status indicators all with customizable foreground, background and text colors.
  • Silent installation based on InstallShield configuration files to allow for automatic package installation, repair and removal of Kofax Monitor.
  • Updated Database Schema architected to take advantage of technology advances and provide improved overall database performance.
  • Migration utility to provide automatic database schema upgrades.

Security Enhancements

  • Support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Security with a FIPS compliant AES symmetric algorithm with a SHA1 256-bit key.
  • Users are now send alerts over as SSL/TLS connection for SMTP, POP, and IMAP connections for monitoring notifications.

User Interface Enhancements

  • The Kofax Monitor User Console has been enhanced to provide users with a Desktop Web user-interface update using advanced Microsoft Silverlight technology.
  • An updated Mobile Web UI to support the form factors of various mobile clients, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid and others.
  • The Kofax Monitor Business Management Dashboard now includes geographical map support for Canada and Europe along with an enhanced Tree View to support logical grouping of thousands of monitors.

Scorecard Metrics

  • The scorecard metric capabilities expands Kofax Monitor’s agentless application monitoring into measurement of ECM operational key performance indicators (kpi’s) and includes the ability to track processing exception thresholds exposing high risk areas such as service delivery attainment, operational efficiency, and compliance issues.
  • Kofax Monitor provides baseline metrics for these Kofax products:
    • Kofax Capture
    • Kofax Communication Server
    • Kofax Transformation Modules
    • Kofax VirtualReScan
  • Kofax Monitor’s scorecard metric capability allows companies to quickly define metric definitions that include numerous threshold types:
    • Maximum or Minimum
    • Numeric Range
    • Percentage Change
    • Average
    • Number of Occurrences
    • Last N Times
    • Visual Basic (VB).NET expressions

Monitor Templates

  • A new Monitor Template feature provides Kofax Monitor administrators the ability to rapidly create and configure new monitors from existing monitors for maximum reusability.
  • The template feature allows a Kofax Monitor administrator to select an existing monitor as a template and then simply edit the Monitor Name, Description, Resource Names, Test Description and Test Parameters to enable a new monitor.

Resource Templates

  • Similar to Monitor Templates, Resource Templates allow Administrators to create and configure Resources and associated Tests from existing Resources.
  • Administrators can use an existing Resource and simply edit Resource Name, Test Description and Test Parameters and create new resources within a monitor.

Wizard Enhancements

  • New Kofax Monitor wizards are now available for these Kofax products:
    • Kofax Communication Server
    • Kofax VirtualReScan
  • These existing Kofax wizards have been enhanced with scorecard metrics and additional batch filtering capabilities:
    • Kofax Capture
    • Kofax Transformation Modules

Credentials Manager

  • The Credentials Manager allows administrators to securely store and manage a list of systemwide credentials that allow access to business-critical applications. For most monitors, access credentials are required and this feature allows Kofax Monitor administrators the ability to rapidly develop, configure and deploy monitors without having to include access credentials for each specific monitor.
  • Based on a store once, use multiple times method, Kofax Monitor uses an AES-based 256-bit encryption algorithm to provide secure storage of the credentials.

Groups Manager

This new feature provides the creation and maintenance of Kofax Monitor Groups from within the Kofax Admin Console. This provides a central location to perform group definition and modification.

Permissions Manager

The Permissions Manager provides a comprehensive way to assign and manage Windows permissions to Kofax Monitor monitors and groups.

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