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WideTEK 36 - 36 inch Wide-Format Scanner

Fastest color CIS scanner at an affordable price Delivers images in brilliant quality with color accuracy

Image Access raises the bar again. The WideTEK 36C-600 scans at 10"/s (254mm/s) even at 300dpi color which is three times faster than any other CIS scanner. It even outperforms the most expensive CCD scanners by a factor of two. 

3 times more processing power

The WideTEK 36C-600 comes with a built-in 64bit Linux PC running on an Intel i3 quad core processor and has more than three times the processing power compared to it´s predecessor.

3 times more memory

The internal image memory has been tripled from 2GB to 6GB which boosts the maximum scan length at 300dpi color to 50 feet or 16m. Crop & deskew performed on such a long document still only takes about 45 seconds.

3 times faster to install

Unpack, assemble floorstand, power up, assign an IP address and scan to network resources, wireless to iPADs and Androids or simply to a USB drive -- all in less than 1 hour. Compare this to the results from any other scanner vendor.

3 times cheaper to operate

The total cost of ownership is three times less than with most competitors. The Extended Warranty Coverage is the best program in the industry; it even includes glass, transport and pressure drums 

Large documents like maps.
Rewind over the top so you don’t have pick them up from below.
Gentle transport through the scanner via spring loaded rollers.

Further highlights that make the WideTEK® 12 scanner the right choice for every application:

  • Scan2USB – Walk up scanning to a USB device.
  • Scan2Print – Copy to networked printers or hot folders.
  • Scan2Network – Output to network resources, SMB, FTP.
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM.
  • Scan2Pad® – Operation via tablets or other mobile devices.
  • Virus resistant Linux OS.
  • OS independent, runs with Windows 7, 8, Linux, Mac.
  • ScanWizard uses any browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Firmware updates via web interface.
  • Wide color gamut, supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native RGB.


  • Batch Scan Wizard for high volume scanning.
  • Attach external monitor for instant previews.
  • Full Coverage Warranty – Up to 5 years, free spare parts & more.
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