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Fujitsu offers capture software for free
26 September 2016

 PaperStream Capture Lite for the SP Series

Fujitsu has announced PaperStream Capture Lite for the SP Series scanner range. The move opens up the world of professional capture software solutions to enterprises. PaperStream Capture Lite is available free of charge for all users of SP Series models. The software is designed to improve scanning efficiency, offering a new ergonomic, touch compatible user interface with enhanced functionality, improving efficiency and interactions across the entire enterprise capture process. Fujitsu’s PaperStream Capture concept now expands new functionalities across its entire range of professional fi Series and SP Series scanners.


PaperStream Capture Lite allows companies to fine-tune their document workflow and batch scanning at every step. The new software introduces detailed scanning routine information and profile pictograms facilitating the capture process. A new “browse view” functionality lets the user confirm scanned images during scanning, thus saving time. PaperStream Capture automatically creates multiple file formats using easy to navigate menu icons and pre-defined scan settings. The software supports the file formats BMP, TIFF, M-TIFF and JPEG and the PaperStream IP TWAIN driver for SP Series.


“We are extending our PaperStream Capture processing to users of the entry-level SP Series family of scanners,” said Mike Nelson, Vice President at Fujitsu subsidiary PFU. “This makes it possible to roll-out company-wide standards for capture processes across varied workload and format requirements – from small remote office to a central mailroom.”

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