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JNTV finds the perfect media & entertainment solution with Infortrend storage systems
02 February 2016

Cover Story

Infortrend All-Around Storage, the Perfect Solution for JNTV’s Editing, Creation and Broadcast Tasks

Established in December 1984, Jinan Television (JNTV) currently has 16 departments with 800+ employees working on the station’s 7 channels covering world news, urban life, movies, entertainment, business, lifestyle and kids programs.

To deliver the best broadcasting service, JNTV utilizes the latest technology and hardware equipment, such as multiple DNS Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicle and state of the art newsroom, as well as digitally storing news for editing and broadcast, making all their work online-based and digitalized.

JNTV’s Growing Challenges and Storage Needs

Dealing with a fast increase of new shows and data growth exceeding expectations, JNTV needed a new storage system that could handle their operations, was easy to install and could completely integrate into their existing equipments.

JNTV requested a solution that met the following requirements:

  • 1. Safe keeping of recorded and edited data for future presentation.
  • 2. Excellent read & write performance for efficient editing and content creation, while being multi-station accessible.
  • 3. Continuous playback of finalized content.
  • 4. Convenient management and allocation while complying with future expansion needs.

The Ultimate Infortrend Solution for Editing and Broadcasting

Based on JNTV’s needs, Infortrend provided the following solutions:

Broadcasting system

JNTV is no stranger to Infortrend as their existing system utilized Infortrend’s earlier generation of EonStor DS RAID systems that featured solid read performances for the time, especially for sequential data as it steadily supported content feeds. JNTV’s current kids, entertainment and lifestyle channel contents are stored on Infortrend storage systems combined with MDC (Windows server serving as client storage for read/write) to achieve 7x24 non-stop content playback.

General editing

General editing requires a high read/write performance as well as storage features such as random access, sequential read, mass data flow, data down/upload, conversion, and so on. With these needs in mind, replacing JNTV’s existing system with EonStor DS 1016 was a great choice to satisfy the complex and high read speed demands of multiple media workstations.

Apple system editing

In order to integrate with Apple operating system’s non-linear editing tasks and easily share data between systems, JNTV chose Infortrend’s EonNAS 3016 NAS with AFP support.

Safe Data, Satisfied Customer, High C/P Ratio

Through the new Infortrend storage systems, JNTV’s efficiency has dramatically improved.. Currently, there are 5 to 6 channels using Infortrend storage systems for data storage. The System Integrator mentioned that they recommend Infortrend storage systems because of their better compatibility, steady performance, high C/P value, rich data services (snapshot, media scan, etc.) which enhance data protection. In addition, Infortrend offers a variety of solutions that can better satisfy JNTV’s needs.

New Product

Infortrend announces new ultra high performance system - EonStor DS 4016 Gen2

Infortrend has recently launched EonStor DS 4016 Gen2, its new ultra high performance 3U 16-bay storage system that joins EonStor DS 4000 family as one of the world’s 1st storage systems to integrate Intel ® Xeon® processor D-1500, Intel’s newest processor, designed especially for media and entertainment applications and enterprise SAN. Read More


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