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Infortrend Excellent Scale-out NAS Surveillance Solution to Fulfill Most Capacity-Hungry Surveillance Projects
21 September 2020
EonStor CS is a scale-out storage with up to 100PB+ capacity and 100 GB/s performance. With the 4U 60-bay model, CS’s utmost storage capacity on a single system is suitable for projects with 1000+ IP-cameras with video resolution 3MP or higher and requirement of at least 90 days video retention period. CS is a perfect fit for most of capacity-hungry surveillance projects. To get the complete sophisticated surveillance solution with high-quality video recording and archiving, CS can be integrated with such major VMS providers as Milestone, Genetec, and Digifort.

Surveillance Solution for Large-scale Video Archiving


Solution Highlights

High Capacity

Scale-out and scale-up expansion policy supports 100+ PB capacity

All Data Accessed Under a Single Namespace

All data is stored under a single namespace, which eliminates data isolation and eases the management burden for IT administrator

4U 60-bay High-Density Form Factor for Capacity Hungry Applications

The most cost-effective high-capacity solution not only provides high capacity, but also saves your rack space

Complete Data Protection

RAID and erasure code protect data within a node and across nodes

Excellent Capacity Utilization to Save Cost

System scale-out with distributed mode provides better capacity utilization than other scale-out NAS in the market


“With EonStor CS 2000 cluster, you can rest assured that all surveillance videos are safely archived under a single namespace. IT-administrators can access them for analysis any time through a server, which is very convenient,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.


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