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Back to school looks different this year but research looks the same
30 August 2020

Back to school looks different this year but research looks the same

Back to School Looks Different This Year But Research Looks the Same
We’ve reached that point in the calendar we commonly refer to as “back to school.” Of course, there’s very little typical about back to school this year – the COVID pandemic has ensured that.

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  The National Archives Commemorates 100 Years of Women's Suffrage With 6 Virtual Events
Our Community Now
Celebrate the passing of the 19th Amendment from your own home by virtually attending events from the "Rightfully Hers" National Archives exhibit.


  We're Still Awash In Paper: Insights Into How Industry Digitization Is Enabling AI
The idea of the paperless office has been around for decades yet few companies have been able to achieve anything close to this idea. With all the technological advances we’ve had, why is it still so difficult?


  Four Key Lessons About Digitization From The Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has required business leaders to adjust more quickly than ever before and accelerate their digitization plans to continue functioning in a mostly remote environment.



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"We have the SP3000 All-In-One. It's easy for patrons to use and to scan to digital for their research. We love the machine and are glad to be able to offer it to our university community."

– Heather Perez, Stockton University, NJ


"I purchased my ScanPro last fall and have used it every day since. I am a professional genealogist and have been able to be a more effective researcher with this machine. Thanks to Jeff and his team, I have more work than ever before!"

– Luana Wendt Darby, professional genealogist


"David Mrksic very kindly helped me restore my ScanPro to operation in April, working patiently with me over the phone to successfully troubleshoot the issue without the benefit of remote access. I appreciate his great work, and the excellent support provided by e-ImageData for its customers without a dealer."

– Department of Defense employee



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