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EonStor GSc Hybrid Cloud Storage Wins Industry Recognition for its Cloud Innovations
27 June 2019

Infortrend’s EonStor GSc hybrid cloud storage has been awarded with Storage Product of the Year and the Cloud Enabler of the Year of 2019 by Storage Magazine in UK, beating off competition from other tier 1 suppliers. The winning product EonStor GSc family is an enterprise-level storage system designed to streamline cloud deployment and access by moving and managing data between local and cloud. With EonCloud Gateway, GSc offers seamless cloud integration through common protocols, allowing enterprise customers to easily connect to the cloud without the need to reorganize existing IT systems. EonStor GSc’s superior performance and easy-to-deploy features have made it as the fastest growing product in the European market.

“We saw an unprecedented amount of support for the EonStor GSc in the build up to the event. Its unified approach and always-on features really resonated with our audience. I would like to congratulate all at Infortrend for their win,” said Stuart Leigh, Director of Storage Awards. The Storage Awards is a premier ceremony that attracts over 300 storage industry professionals including vendors, resellers, and distributors.

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Easy Cloud Integration with the Existing IT Environment

GSc provides enterprise IT applications with general file or block-level as well as local and cloud data through the common protocols such as NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and Fibre. With these features, companies do not need to restructure their existing IT systems or applications in order to connect to the cloud, greatly reduced the difficulty of cloud integration.

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Watch How EonStor GSc Makes Cloud File Sharing Easier

The Secret Weapon for Enterprise Cloud File Sharing - EonStor GSc Family

Award-Winning Hybrid Cloud Storage

EonStor GSc Family is industry-proven by winning several important awards worldwide. Besides the Storage Product of the Year and Cloud Enable of the Year by Storage Magazine, the GSc also made Infortrend named as “Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers” by CIO Applications Europe. See below for the product's competitive features.

  • Enable faster cloud data access by designating local storage to act as cloud cache.
  • Flexible cache policy with more than 9 types of intelligent cache policies and extensive parameter settings.
  • Cost-saving on cloud service and bandwidth with built-in data compression and deduplication features.
  • Scalable data support with PB level cloud storage space and millions of files in the cloud.
  • Simple-to-use and web-based cloud management interface can be operated by any IT staff with a general browser, reducing management complexity.

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