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Infortrend Network - EonStor DS Gen2 with 12 Gb/s SAS support
23 August 2017
Infortrend shared the newly released general purpose storages EonStor DS 1000 and EonStor DS 2000 Gen2 series now come with complete support for 12 Gb/s SAS interface to meet new storage standards, so that SMBs and entry level storage customers can enjoy products featuring the 12Gb/s SAS technology as well, all with a friendly price range.
For more details on the EonStor DS 1000 Gen 2, please click here>>.
For the EonStor DS 2000 Gen 2, click here>>.


Improve storage performance with Infortrend’s SSD Cache feature

Infortrend’s SSD Cache feature allows fast Solid State Drives (SSD) to be used to extend the cache pool capacity of storage systems and store more frequently accessed data to accelerate performance. We will introduce Infortrend’s SSD Cache technology, its key benefits, and detailed operations in this video to help users better understand and use SSD Cache.
Watch the video here>>.


Infortrend’s SyncCloud feature provides higher security and easier file sharing

The SyncCloud feature allows data in multiple EonStor GS and EonStor GSe storage systems to be synchronized with data on cloud storage provided by public cloud services such as Google Cloud and Amazon S3. In this video, we will provide users with knowledge on the working mechanisms and steps related to use the SyncCloud feature.
Watch the video here>>.
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