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5 AI Trends to Watch in 2020
19 January 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is embedded in our everyday lives. AI technologies have become so advanced that it’s not uncommon nowadays...

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Collaborative Editing Made Easy
15 January 2020

Infortrend launches EonStor CS scale-out shared media storage that integrates with DaVinci Resolve Project Server and supports popular NLE...

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Finally, the Ultimate Solution for Customer Journey Mapping Is Here
31 October 2019

As researchers, Gaël Bernard and Periklis Andritsos put it in their paper A Process Mining Based Model for Customer Journey Mapping:...

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A New Way of Looking at Business Processes
29 October 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have gained significant momentum over the past few years; businesses from all industries...

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Top 10 Benefits of Process Analytics
25 October 2019

Process Analytics is a specialized branch of business intelligence. It utilizes the same data as most other types of analytics however it...

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Why Not Choose 32Gb FC Solution?
24 October 2019

So Why Not Choose 32Gb FC Solution? Learn More>> Product Spotlight  How to Improve Performance for Data-intensive...

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Accelerate Business Transformation with Digital Document Archiving
17 October 2019

The use of digital document archiving solutions is gaining importance today as large enterprises and midsized businesses are rapidly jumping...

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Impressions of the 2019 GITEX Exhibition
17 October 2019

From October 6-10, 2019, Image Access coexhibited with longtime distributor and partner in the Middle East, Forefront Technologies, at the...

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Why Process Intelligence is a Real Game Changer
16 October 2019

“The top 5 key areas of focus for 2018–2019 will be leadership and culture strategy, process redesign work, customer-centric...

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Top Cloud Security Steps Every Business Needs to Take
25 September 2019

Since qualified people who can deal with online security threats are limited, security teams have had to reevaluate their strategies on a...

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Increase Productivity on the Go with Mobile Apps
20 September 2019

Have you chatted with Siri in the past hour? How about asking it for help with some urgent office tasks while driving? Been there, done that,...

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Content IQ Skills Keep Getting Smarter and Easier to Use
26 August 2019

Finding a simple technology solution to solve what could be a complex problem may not always be obvious. Case in point, the buzz around...

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