cultural heritage- forefront technologies

Forefront Technologies Cultural Heritage Solutions aims to prevent cultural heritage practices from disappearing. In partnership with Forefront Technologies as distributors, MediaInfo provides solutions to preserve the legacy of irreplaceable cultural heritage treasures.
With our cultural heritage solutions, the inheritance from the previous generations can be maintained and passed on to the coming generations.
We provide digital representations of Maps, Books, Manuscripts, Paintings, Newspapers, Videos, and Audio Archives that students, research workers, and the public can engage with without damaging with the originals. In addition, Forefront Technologies provides a database where customers can access metadata obtained from different archives.

We supply and distribute various document scanners specifically designed to scan cultural heritage collections. Here are a few:

  • The Image Access Bookeye: This scanner allows contactless, high-quality, and safe scanning of documents with different sizes exceeding A1.
  • The WideTEK® 36ART: This is designed for archiving and reproducing artworks. Using this scanner, museums can digitize their collection in prints, catalogs, or as an online publication. These prints or catalogs can then be sold. Also, reprography specialists can offer fine art digitization as a service, which is a very lucrative market.
  • The Ultrawide SMA: The Ultrawide SMA offers the fastest scan speeds and highest optical resolutions available today. It can be used for documents, artwork, and other special collections. The scanners support more than 2XA0 in size.
  • The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600: This scanner can scan historical documents, convert them into digital content, and make them available to the public. It requires zero training to start with as it is very easy to use. It automatically scans when you flip a page or touch the button.

Furthermore, the overhead scanner digitizes in excellent quality, and its contact-less technology allows it to capture bound and stapled material like books, notepads, and sensitive material up to A3 format.