If you need a tool that can understand your documents quickly and effectively, then Forefront Technologies’ offered Content Intelligence tool is the perfect tool for you.

What Is Content Intelligence?

Content Intelligence can be explained as using tools that combine technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to read, understand and draw out information from documents.

Our Content Intelligence Solution

At Forefront Technologies, we offer an Intelligent Content Processing solution that can read, understand and extract data from content in different documents. This tool helps our customers to automate most, if not all of their business operations such as extracting financial data from receipts, purchase orders, handling claim processes etc.


  • Increased Efficiency: Automating your data extraction processes will help to improve your work efficiency. Rather than spending hours trying to collate information from different documents, our Content Intelligence tool can help you achieve similar work in no time.
  • Time Management: We understand that time is precious to our customers. As a result, we provide tools that can help them save their time and channel their time into more productive areas. Our Content Intelligence tool helps our customers to automate their data extraction processes and save their time.


  • Easy Data Extraction: Our CI tool is powered by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition, etc. Thus, it can read, understand and extract information correctly from any file.
  • Fast Implementation: With zero lines of written code, our users can design, train, and deploy skills that can handle the complexities of understanding their content, even if they have no knowledge of AI or Machine Learning.