account payable & invoice processing- Forefront technologies

With Forefront Technologies Account Payable and Invoice Processing software, you can leverage technologies like OCR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, etc., to automate your account payable processes.

Our software helps our customers to save thousands of dollars and hours spent manually processing invoices from their vendors or suppliers. Our users can easily keep track of their payments, invoices, approvals anywhere in the world at any time.

Our AP solution offers our customers a smarter and better payment system rather than spending a fortune hiring people to handle the invoices from their suppliers and the payments.



  • Supports Multi-Channel Capture: Whether the invoice is in a paper or digital (email) format or on a web portal, our software supports them all.
  • Invoice Classification: You can classify your invoices easily with our AP software. Your invoices will be automatically organized into sections by the type or supplier.
  • Data Capture and Extraction: You can easily capture and extract data from your invoices without any human intervention. Our AP software uses OCR to understand and extract the invoices in the exact way accountants would like to see them.
  • Validation: Our solution also protects our customers from duplicate and fraudulent transactions. The accuracy of the extracted data is validated automatically by the software, and it sends a notification in case of any suspicion.