For over two decades, we have pioneered in the IT industry and have continued to be the leading IT Services, Distributors, and Solutions Provider in the MENA region. Since our establishment in 1995, our aim to make life easier and better for our users has not changed. We are still engaged in providing technologies that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while eradicating the need for manual work, errors, and unnecessary costs.

At Forefront Technologies, we utilize and integrate the best hardware tools and modern software technologies to cater to our customer’s technology requirements. From individuals, government, institutions to small and large businesses, – our team is highly motivated and passionate about going through the demands of each of our customers and delivering them accordingly.

We provide a wide range of high-tech innovations such as Intelligent platforms, Data Capture, OCR, RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Modern Document Scanners, Storage, Backup, and Data Center Solutions.

Our professional services at Forefront Technologies are of great value to our customers. We provide the best digitization services for specific digital-based or paper-based media types. Our digitization services include OCR, Scanning, Speech Recognition, and Facial Recognition.

Furthermore, our capacity set encompasses consultation, training, project management, and technology implementation services. With a dedicated team of experts, Forefront Technologies provides the best tech implementation and consulting services to various organizations and institutions.

As the biggest specialized document imaging organization in the Middle East, we can boast that a considerable number of scanners sold in our region had gone through our warehouses. With our five warehouses and storage facilities in four countries in the Middle East Region, we have provided the best devices and top-notch services and support to our customers in the past years.

We partner with top tech companies like Fujitsu (PFU), Image Access, SpectraLogic, Epson, NextScan, Inotec, and many more to provide the best hardware tools for our customers. Also, our distribution services include software from leading companies like Kofax, ABBYY, CaptureBites NovoDynamics, Qstar and MedialNFO.